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Discover Draw a Line: Farm Edition

Visual and fine motor interactive workbook that provides immediate performance feedback to the child automatically. Add an element of fun in the learning process and make it easier for parents, teachers and therapists to keep track of progress.

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Kindergarten Teacher

"this app makes homework now more environmentally and teacher friendly! Student progress is automatically recorded which helps with record keeping"
4/5 Rating

Occupational Therapist

"...turned the simple and common 'drawing with tunnel' activity into a fun game with different difficulty levels, perfect for training the preschoolers."
5/5 Rating

Mother of
Child Age 4

"...the animation and score motivated my son to play, and most importantly saved my energy to push him to do home training!"
5/5 Rating

Draw a Line to the Farm

Game Levels

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Personal profile to keep track of progress


Discover 100+ animated challenges


3 difficulty modes &

 11 colour pathways

How to play?

Connect the dots by drawing a line inside the path

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